Celebrating Georg Jensen

Celebrating Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen is somewhat of a household name in the silversmithing and jewellery world. The well-known name is synonymous with outstanding quality, design and a rich heritage that has inspired many throughout the years.


An Introduction to Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen by definition is indeed a silversmith however Jensen referred to himself as a silversmith sculptor, which reflects the brilliance of his artistry we see in his all his pieces.

Georg was born in 1866 and grew up in a small industrial village of Raadvad, Denmark where his father worked as a grinder in the local knife factory. The village was very picturesque with a lake surrounded by lush foliage which I'm sure is almost certainly where Georg's love of nature originated.

The Danish craftsman started off as a goldsmithing apprentice in Copenhagen from 1880 when he was just fourteen years old, and gradually moved into working on larger scale silver.

In 1904 he opened his own shop in Copenhagen and before long due to the success of his company he opened branches in London, Paris and New York.

Jensen was quick to adapt and adopt the Art Nouveau movement that was sweeping France, although his items took a more streamlined and simplistic approach to the forms and naturalistic imagery. Using high quality materials and putting emphasis on the importance of excellent workmanship is why his pieces are still revered and collected today. Georg Jensen is certainly one of the most original, talented and influential silversmiths of the twentieth century and his recognisable designs have become synonymous with Danish style.


Iconic Designs

Georg's factory produced an array of silverware from tea and coffee sets, candlesticks, trays, and a vast range of cutlery however he is most known for his beautifully crafted silver jewellery.
Jensen created and designed many of his own collections, some of which are extremely rare due to production limits, however he also collaborated many well-known Scandinavian silversmiths. See below the designers with their pieces, some of which we currently have in stock!
Georg Jensen
As you can see by these two pieces, Georg was very much influenced by the Art Nouveau style. They were designed by Georg Jensen himself but were created much later as part of the Heritage Collection. He has often been described as a visionary beyond his time due to his jewellery having a timeless modern appeal.
Harald Nielsen
One of Georg Jensen’s original collaborators and his brother-in-law, Harald Nielsen designed many recognisable pieces and is also known for his unique sense of style, not to mention his silverware and cutlery.
Henning Koppel
Henning Koppel's striking and iconic work for Georg Jensen looks as contemporary today as it ever did. His unusual, abstract designs are quite eye catching - take this enamelled brooch above for example.
Arno Malinowski
Arno was born in Copenhagen and originally planned to be a sculptor, you can see him working away on a piece above. He was hired as a designer by Georg in 1935 and many of his pieces featured animals, plant motifs and were occasionally inspired by Art Deco and Japanese art.
Nanna Ditzel
Nanna Ditzel is one of Denmark's most accomplished designers and was the first woman to design for Georg Jensen. She began her career as a furniture designer and her hanging egg chair of the 60's is still very iconic and sought after today. Nanna's jewellery designs were simple, sleek and refined as seen above with these two pieces.
We have a wonderful range of Jensen pieces in store at present, a selection can be seen by clicking the link below, however we do recommend visiting us in-store to browse the full range.


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