Why Antique Jewellery is Better for the Environment

Why Antique Jewellery is Better for the Environment

With conversations around global warming increasing, more and more people are trying to live sustainably, and being conscious of the kind of jewellery you purchase is just another way of reducing your environmental impact.

Many people are choosing to purchase antique jewellery as an eco-friendlier and more ethical option as you’re not contributing to the mass production process that can have detrimental effects on the environment.

If you’re considering buying that special someone an antique engagement ring, or maybe a stunning necklace then here are some reasons why you should consider antique jewellery as a greener option!

Gold and diamond mining

There are a number of ethical issues associated with diamond and metal mining. It can cause erosion and reduce biodiversity in areas surrounding the mine. Often, harmful waste products can be dumped into nearby rivers, reducing the flow of water and destroying local ecosystems. 

What’s more, it takes a significant amount of water and energy when mining gold and diamonds. The more energy needed, the bigger the emissions of greenhouse gases. By choosing a beautiful piece of antique jewellery you’re choosing to be a conservator and not a consumer, whilst also reducing your environmental impact.


Today, the mining and manufacturing of jewellery most often occur in distant locations around the world including the United States and parts of Europe. Consequently, exporting large amounts of gold and diamonds across the world requires an enormous amount of travel. This further increases carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

In contrast, when you purchase antique jewellery you’re extending the life of a piece that’s already been mined, manufactured and distributed. So you can enjoy your piece of jewellery safe in the knowledge that you haven’t caused any further damage to the environment.

What’s more, vintage jewellery was made in a time when things were not mass-produced. Here at Lowe & Sons, our antique jewellery is handcrafted to very high standards. From exquisite rings to delightful earrings, there is something for everyone from our selection of antique jewellery.


By breaking the cycle of jewellery production, you’re reducing your carbon footprint. This is because other than repairs or minor changes made, no new resources are required to create antique jewellery - making it the most sustainable jewellery option!

At Lowe & Sons, we offer a jewellery restoration and recycling service where you can spruce up old jewellery or turn it into something brand new. By recycling old jewellery you’re not only being environmentally responsible, but you’re preserving a piece of history that can be adored forever.

Eco-friendly jewellery at Lowe & Sons

We hope this has provided you with some further insight as to why antique jewellery is more environmentally friendly.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect eco-friendly engagement ring or a precious gift for a loved one, our team of knowledgeable jewellery experts can help you find something special - get in touch today!