Silverware Repair and Restoration

Is your silverware looking a bit worse for wear? Get in touch to learn more about the numerous silver repair services we offer.

Diamond & Gemstone Replacement & resetting

Lost, damaged or fancy a change of style? We can source, supply and set whichever gemstone you desire.

Re-threading of Pearls & Other Beaded Necklaces

Keep your pearls and other beaded necklaces safe and secure, have them rethreaded with us to ensure they stand the test of time.

Repairs & Replacements To Shanks, Settings or Claws

Has the shank of your ring worn thin? Are the claws of your setting still holding the gemstones securely? If not, we can give your jewellery a new lease of life.

Rhodium Plating on White Gold Jewellery

White gold’s finish can fade over time and develop a yellow tinge, having it rhodium plated will return it to its bright white glory.

Rings Re-sized & Polished to Look As Good As New

Did you treat yourself to a new ring that doesn't fit? Or have your fingers changed size over the years? Whatever the reason, we’ll take care of it.

Hand Engraving Service

Are you wanting to have an item of silver or a special piece of jewellery personalised? Our talented hand engraver will be sure to impress you.

Jewellery Restoration/Recycling

Have you got some old jewellery you need sprucing up or would you like it re-purposing into something more current? Speak to our repair team and discuss your options now!

Seal Engraving

Do you have a family crest or seal that you would like replicated onto a signet ring? Seal engraving is a specialist skill that we are happy to provide.

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