March Birthstone: Aquamarine & Bloodstone

March Birthstone: Aquamarine & Bloodstone

Those born in the month of March may be familiar with aquamarine as their birthstone, but did you know bloodstone is also the birthstone of March? Yes, that’s right two birthstones are associated with the spring month! Both gemstones are captivating yet they are both extremely different in appearance. fortunately, this gives those born in the month of March two very compelling options for birthstone jewellery. In this blog, we are focusing on the history and meanings of the birthstones as well as the differences between the two. 


Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone that evokes the deep blue colour of the sea. The sea comparison is only fitting as the name, aquamarine, is in fact derived from the Latin word ‘agua’, meaning water. The precious stone can be found in variety of colors such as pale blue, deep blue-green, to slightly greenish hues. This Victorian pendant in particular is set with a oval cut aquamarine in a pale blue color. Although each stone is unique, the most intense colour hues are found in larger stones and darker blue stones are the most valuable of the variety. 



Greek Goddess Aphrodite AquamarineThe aquamarine gemstone has strong associations with ancient Rome and Greece. Legend has it, sailors out at sea believed the stone contained powers of the sea and has been dedicated to many sea goddesses such as Aphrodite. For this reason, sailors used the stone to protect themselves during their voyage out at sea from harsh storms and drowning to ensure a safe arrival home. This very well may be why the gemstone is closely associated with courage. 




Healing & Spiritual Qualities 

For those who struggle with travel sickness, you may want to have an aquamarine stone in hand with you. It is believed aquamarine holds healing properties that can help with travel sickness, more specifically, sea-sickness. Other areas where the stone is said to ease the panic, pain, and help include sore throats, tooth and gum problems, colds, and respiratory difficulties. Those that believe in the power of the stone have said the powers are emphasized when in water but wearing the stone itself can still be very beneficial. 

Aquamarine Jewellery 

Edwardian Aquamarine & Diamond Brooch

Gifting jewellery with an aquamarine gemstone embedded into it such as this Edwardian brooch adds a personal touch for those born in March. With Mother’s Day in the same month it is a thoughtful gift to gemstone to gift to your mother for its deeper meaning of courage and loyalty. Shop our collection of aquamarine jewellery here. 


Victorian Turquoise & Bloodstone Brooch

Also known as heliotrope from the ancient Greek word that means ‘to turn the sun’, Bloodstone is the second, lesser-known birthstone of March. The stone formed of quartz minerals comes in a variety of green to black-green colours. The gemstone additionally has a completely unique characteristic, red colored freckles of iron oxide which may be visible in this Victorian turquoise & bloodstone brooch. Some say the marks resemble specks of blood



The Cruxifiction


Have you ever wondered why bloodstone is the preferred material of choice when it comes to religious carvings especially the images of the crucifixion? According to legend, a Roman soldier-guard plunged his spear into Christ’s side. As a result, the blood drops caused by the incident dripped onto some pieces of dark green chalcedony at the foot of the cross and formed the very first bloodstone. 



Healing Properties 

Today, known as the protector, healer, and talisman to have throughout your lifetime, bloodstone is associated with courage and wisdom. For this reason, many wear bloodstone as an emulate as they lean on the stone to get them back on their feet as many believe the iron-rich stone acts as a supercharger regarding emotional resilience and can once more put trust and patience into a higher purpose. Bloodstone, as has physical healing properties, believed associated with boosting your immune system.  

If aquamarine and bloodstone is your birthstone or perhaps, they are your favourite gemstones, then browse our website by clicking here! 


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