Rubies - The King of Gemstones

Rubies - The King of Gemstones

While the ruby is known for its beauty, delicacy, and depth, it is also known for its virtues. The gemstone has been associated with heart health since ancient times and was even thought to be capable of shielding the wearer from lightning strikes. The ruby did not become the king of gemstones by accident; it is written in the name. In Sanskrit, ruby is known as ratnaraj, which means "king of stones." If the meaning behind the stone isn't fascinating enough, ruby is the mineral corundum, which is the same mineral as sapphire. Although, ruby on the other hand, is the red designation. Corundum is a mineral that is extremely tough and hard ranking at 9 on the MOHS scale in terms of hardness. As a result of its durability, the gemstone is practically suitable for everyday use. 

The ruby gemstone is not only captivating and beautiful, but it is also the birthstone for the month of July. The precious gem can be found in a variety of jewellery to commemorate special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. We have the best selection of birthstone and gemstone jewellery, so you'll be able to find the ideal gift or treat. 

Ruby Rings

ruby ring, Toi et Moi, july birthstone

If you were unaware, ruby gemstones are known for their elegance and ability to evoke emotions such as passion, desire, and love. What better way to highlight these characteristics than with a Toi et Moi style ruby and diamond ring? The phrase "Toi et Moi" means "you and me" in French a popular love token. When combined with the love-representing gemstone, this is the ultimate expression of love for yourself or a loved one. 


Ruby ring, antique ruby ring, antique ring, July birthstone

Due to links with passion and love, this makes the ruby an excellent choice for an engagement ring or Valentine's Day jewellery. Having said that, the gemstone is frequently given on the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Although the colour of a ruby is a personal preference, many people agree that the most desirable colour is 'blood red' or 'pigeon blood,' which is a strong, intense, and vibrant crimson. If you're looking for something different gift for a special occasion, this antique ruby and diamond ring is at the top of our list. Three bright pinkish-red round-cut rubies frame an elongated oval cluster of eighteen claw-set old-cut diamonds. 


HRH, Queen Elizabeth, ruby brooch

HRH Queen Elizabeth has been photographed wearing a ruby brooch on several occasions. This flower basket brooch, which she wore in the 1920s, is one of her oldest ruby brooches. The brooch features several blossoms with ruby-set petals and is associated with Prince Charles' birth as it was reportedly given to her by her parents as a gift to commemorate the occasion. 



ruby brooch, brooch, antique brooch, antique ruby brooch

If it is a ruby brooch you desire, this exceptional art deco brooch is a statement piece longing to be part of a magnificent jewellery collection. It features a striking chequerboard design set with 2.60ct of rich Burmese rubies and old-cut diamonds. 





ruby pendant, ruby jewellery, antique ruby pendant, antique pendant

With this detailed Edwardian ruby and diamond pendant, you can keep the gemstone close to your heart. Due to the perceived mystical properties of personal protection that rubies possess, it is said that they can be worn as talismans. People believed in wearing the stone on the left, the heart side, the bearer would be able to live peacefully. This particular pendant has a delicate scrolling design embellished with old-cut diamonds, rubies, and pearls.


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