Why Luxury Silverware Should Be On Your Wishlist

Why Luxury Silverware Should Be On Your Wishlist

One of the most underrated gifts you could possibly gift someone in our opinion is antique silverware. Silver is the only metal, besides gold that has a high gift value and can possesses a unique sense of history that is truly remarkable. Silver is not only regarded as auspicious when given, the craftsmanship and attention to detail is also quite utterly pleasing making it the an ideal gift to give this festive season or special occasion. 

Here at Lowe & Sons we have compiled a list of silver pieces that we believe would make great first piece or make a great addition to an antique enthusiasts collection.


Silver Bookmark

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For the person in your life that can not seem to get their nose out of a book, a silver bookmark is ever bookworms dream! This elegant sterling silver bookmark is in an oval shape, with a cotton tassel. It showcases a large feature hallmark down the centre of the oval. It could be the perfect birthday present, or the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a leisurely read. This bookmark can be personalised with engraving to create a treasured gift for any special occasion.


Photo Frames

silver frames, photo frame, antique frames, sentimental

One of the finest presents you can give someone is a photo frame. They make wonderful presents as they enable you to store precious memories close at hand. Additionally, they make wonderful presents because you can offer them to recipients of all ages and on a variety of occasions, including birthdays, marriages, farewells, etc. Since they can now be purchased in silver, photo frames, which have long been given as gifts, may now be made even more unique.

silver frames, photo frame, antique frames, sentimental

Alternatively we would also suggest this travel sized photo frame. This would be an ideal gift for the person in your life who is always traveling. A travel sized photo frame adds a sentimental touch to the gift as it allows the recipient to have their loved one always with them no matter where they are. This one in particular fits two small photos.


Silver Bowls & Trays

silver, silverware, antique, tray, giftware, occasional gift, special gift

If someone you know has recently moved into a new home, gifting them silverware such as a bowl or a tray can be excellent decorative items they can display in their home. They can also are excellent for serving sweets at gatherings or simply keeping as a decorative item in the dining area.



Money Clip

Money clip, silver money clip, antique, banknot, paper moneyMoney clips have been around for quite a long time and were used of course to organise and hold ones money notes. Among those who owned a silver money clip are famous individuals such as John F. Kennedy, Cecil B. DeMille and Frank Sinatra. Monograms and even simple engraving work well on silver money clips to make them more individualised making this a suitable option to gift to someone.

We are proud to have a wonderful range of silver and giftware in our collection. We continuously sourcing pieces for our collection and specialise in Chester hallmark silver. Our extensive selection can be seen by clicking here, however we do recommend visiting us in-store to browse the full range.