High Tea

Step into an era of opulence with our exclusive Antique Jewellery and Silverware Collection, meticulously curated for a decadent high tea experience perfect for a Wimbledon soirée or an intimate gathering with friends. Our exquisite antique jewellery pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, add a touch of romance and elegance, while our pristine silverware, from intricately designed strawberry bowls to sensational tea sets, elevate your table setting with timeless grandeur. Imagine the the soft glow of candlelight as you host a high tea in celebration of Wimbledon, surrounded by beauty and history. Our collection enhances these precious moments, making your gatherings feel like a scene from a classic novel. Indulge in the luxury of the past and make every high tea a memorable occasion

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Georgian Silver Antique Caddy Spoon

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Oval Shaped Diamond Cluster Pendant

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Diamond & Pearl Bow Brooch

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3.75ct Art Deco Diamond Brooch

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Art-Deco Synthetic Ruby & Diamond Bracelet

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3 Row Diamond & Pearl Bracelet

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Chaumet Diamond Clip Earrings

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18ct Sapphire & Diamond Earrings