High Jewellery

A hand-curated collection encompassing some of our finest and most exquisite jewels. Showcasing rare craftsmanship, fine gemstones and one of a kind pieces that are bound to set your heart aflutter.

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4.51 Carat Antique Diamond Ring

This 4.51-carat antique diamond set in a baguette cut spray arrangement exudes a captivating charm that has won the hearts of our team. The diamond's most remarkable feature is that it displays a spectrum of vivid colours, adding to its allure and prestige.

Antique 5.90 Carat Diamond Negligee Necklace

This sensational Edwardian diamond negligee necklace, featuring a total of thirty old cut diamonds, is set in a rubover style millegrain setting separated by knife edge sections.

Handmade Art Deco Diamond Bracelet

This is a piece that is synonymous with the Art Deco era and is the epitome of luxury with its decorative design. Featuring 7.01cts of old mine cut and baguette cut diamonds, this handmade bracelet is a show-stopping piece of craftsmanship.