The Lowe & Sons Gift Guide

The Lowe & Sons Gift Guide

Do you have antique jewellery or silverware on your wish list? Perhaps you are in search of something for a special friend, your mother or father, partner or even a gift you desire yourself.
In this article you will find a number of splendid gift ideas, all of which can be found within our beautiful shop. Many of these pieces are filled with symbolism and sentimentality and others are just downright irresistible. They are the perfect way to spread joy, thoughtfulness and good cheer for the year ahead.

Symbolic Jewellery

The Victorians produced some exquisite jewellery, the era is well known for its superstitious ways. Victorians believed heavily in symbolism, this can be seen exhibited very clearly in jewellery that was crafted during the era.
One such example insect jewellery. Butterflies being a popular one from the time, these symbols stood for change, growth and transformation. Just think of a butterfly’s life cycle; from a caterpillar to pupa to a beautiful butterfly, this spiritualistic ideology resonated during the era. Victorians also believed heavily in lucky charms. One of the most popular and well-known charm would be the horseshoe which was a token for good luck and protection from evil.
Crescent moons were another popular symbol we saw coming from the 19th century. Crescent moons were known to celebrate the feminine moon goddess and are therefore associated with female empowerment. Similarly to insects, they also represented change when compared to the phases of the moon. If you see crescent moons paired with stars, these are symbols of direction and give guidance for ones spirit.

Meaningful Gemstones

For centuries, countless cultures and civilisations have believed gems to carry hidden meanings. The Romans thought that moonstones were made of solidified rays of the moon. However, like a lot of things, these traditions were heavily adapted by the Victorians.
Suffragette jewellery used three specific gemstone colours to spell out 'GWV' which stood for Give Women Votes. Supporters of the cause would secretly wear these colours; Green, White and Violet to show silent advocacy and solidarity.
Ruby is one other meaningful gem that happens to be mentioned at least four times in the Bible, usually as a representative of beauty and wisdom. Numerous early cultures believed that due to the stone’s likeness to the colour of blood, rubies held the power of life. Among European royalty and the upper classes, rubies were thought to guarantee good health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. You can always find extraordinary rubies at Lowe & Sons, they are the perfect heirloom gemstone.
There are plenty of other gems which have significant meanings such as pearls which stood for purity & femininity and diamonds which symbolised power and strength.

Collectible Silver Jewellery

The names Georg Jensen, David Andersen and Charles Horner immediately spring to mind when we think of collectible silver jewellery. These silversmiths have one thing in common; they were all pioneers of their time and were able to create dozens upon dozens of beautiful and inspiring pieces for us enjoy all these years later.
Georg Jensen along with his collaborators have gifted us with countless works of art. Featuring bold contemporary designs that were typically inspired by the beauty of nature, the well-known name as well as the jewellery have remained timeless for decades. Learn more about Georg Jensen here.
David Andersen was a Norwegian goldsmith and one of Norway's leading names in jewellery design. His collectible pieces are often skilfully enamelled with bright bold colours in naturistic, modernistic designs such as leaves and florals.
Charles Horner was an Englishman who during the late Victorian era trained as a “watchmaker, jeweller, and silversmith”. His pieces are primarily crafted from silver and are heavily inspired by the art nouveau movement. They too feature beautiful and bright hand enamelling.

Chester Hallmark

What could be more fitting than owning a tangible piece of history from the very place it was hallmarked? Whether it's a lovely piece of jewellery such as a ring or bangle, a silver trinket or perhaps even a decorative silver dish. These all have the potential to be an excellent gift for Cestrians, tourists and aficionado’s alike. Click here to browse a selection of Chester Hallmark Jewellery and here for Chester Hallmark Silverware or visit us in store for the entire range.


Silver is one of the seven metals of antiquity and has been an important material to humankind for millennia, prized by civilizations in every corner of the globe. Throughout history, silver has been used for a range of practical and decorative purposes and still to this day we part with dozens of items every month. Find a selection of beautiful, giftable silver in our Silverware Collection.

Rare & Unique Treasures

This segment highlights a selection of pieces which are so unique that you would unlikely come across one again. They make for incredible talking points and ultimately would be a wonderful addition to any antique collection.
We sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading this article and perhaps you have learnt something new while doing so. Our aim is to enrich and inspire you with our passion and knowledge and exquisite range jewellery.
Many of these pieces plus more can be found right here on our website. To browse the full range please feel free to visit us in-store.